Informational meeting in Plovdiv

On 22.02.2020 in Plovdiv, an informational meeting on the project “First steps for professional development” №2017-1-027” was held.  #EEANorwayGrants, courtesy of Asen Karagiozov from the Roma-Stolipinovo Youth Club.

A team made up of Emilia Krushkov and Daniel Dzhinzov, coordinator and mentor for the Plovdiv region, had the honor to meet and talk with young people participating in the General Youth Assembly at the “New Generation” Church, based in the Stolipinovo neighborhood. Some of them turned out to be volunteers at the Arete Youth Foundation and participants in the camps organized by us in previous years.

The young people present showed interest in similar meetings in the town of Perushtitsa and the region of Karlovo. During the afternoon, the meeting continued with visitors from the Roma Youth Club, who expressed their desire to participate in the project and to promote the project opportunities among their peers.

Thank you for the responsiveness of everyone whom we had the pleasure of meeting in Plovdiv!