Trainings for companies

Trust for Social Achievement Foundation will organize trainings for leading private companies to enhance the skills of their HR professionals to apply innovative approaches to work with disadvantaged youth, for a more diverse and inclusive work environment, and the trainings can be useful to the company in:

* Involving and motivating employees to achieve high results;
* Creating a more dynamic company culture and a positive work environment;
* Reach and retain the best talents that best reflect customer needs;
* Increasing employee productivity;
* Increasing employee productivity;
* Reaches and retains the best talents that best reflect customer needs;
* Improving access to new and diversified markets and customers; * Increase productivity and increase revenue;
* Ensuring a better competitive advantage in the market;
* Increasing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction;
* Providing greater flexibility and adaptability in a globalized world;

In addition, the trainings will help shorten the distance between employers and employees and establish an inclusive work environment. The training will be conducted by certified trainers according to the methodology of the International Step-by-Step Association.