First webinar for labor market crisis during Covid-19

We sucessufully started a series of webinars, focused on strategic importance of employees development, organizations and society in Covid crisis context.

Our lectors Sasha Bezouhanova and Darina Georgieva choose to speak not only for the problems, but for the opportunities born in the crisis, which is a  catalyst of a long-term change of working processes, need of support and social responsability on corporate and individual level.

The brand of the successful companies is based on their contribution in society and social solidarity makes them more attractive for high qualified employees on the market, because youth are no longer seeking for job, but for professional environment. New generation has need to return the investment in society. Non-government organizations as Trust for Social Achievement Foundation are bridge between the businees and the vulnerable and poor groups.

Our lectors highlighted the contribution and the aim of the project Earning by Learning as building and improving the capacity of the youth and finding their labor place on the market.