Within First Steps in Vocational Development project we work with local partners, businesses, companies, employers, young people from vulnerable communities, educational institutions, with local coordinators in individual locations contributing to the promotion of sustainable and quality employment, and the reduction of social and economic inequalities among young people and the achievement of economic independence of the target group. The project offers mentoring, career guidance, training for personal and professional development, access to employment opportunities. The project will seek the active partnership of vocational schools and employers, who will also receive trainings responding to the real needs of the participants, so as to obtain effective practical tools for institutional cooperation and integration of disadvantaged young people.

Partnering schools

The Trust for Social Achievement Foundation collaborates with partner schools in Plovdiv. This includes working with disadvantaged young people aged 15-18. Mentors will work with the students from the partner schools in the direction of:

* building soft skills;

* career guidance.

For schools, part of our network, the Trust for Social Achievement Foundation will organize pieces of training  for teachers aimed at creating supportive and a favorable school environment. The trainings will be conducted by certified trainers and according to the methodology of the International Step-by-Step Association.

Participants in these trainings will receive professional credits retraining.

Our partners:

Vocational High School in construction technology “Penyo Penev”

Vocational High School Leather and Textile “Ivan Bogorov”

Vocational High School in mechanical engineering