Why the online environment has made it harder for teachers – training on 8 June 2021

5+ ways for students to end the school year in a meaningful way. This was the motto of our first workshop with teachers on 12 May under Earning by Learning project which the Trust for Social Achievement Foundation manages.

The second workshop will take place on 8 June (13:30-15:00). Registration is required: HERE

How to use the 5 most common liaison software programs and what are the most common problems and situations that educators can run into were just some of the issues discussed along the online training on May 12. The speaker of the workshop was Radost Boycheva from “Together in class”, who managed to guide the participating teachers through the depths of the digital online classroom.

It also became clear why it is easy and convenient to use Padlet, but beyond digital tools the focus was also on the importance of student feedback – how they perceive the information, how they make sense of it and experience it, what excites them and what they focus on. There was also the theme that children should be encouraged to evaluate their performance during the year so that they can see the steps they have made and so learn to take responsibility for their actions.

Practical examples and good practices are shared during the events, through which our guest speakers aim to achieve a more attractive presentation of learning material in a digital environment. And the aim is for teachers to build on their skills and achieve feedback from students.

The training sessions are one and a half hours long.

The second workshop, as mentioned, will be on 8 June (13:30-15:00) and will be dedicated to “Motivation and emotional engagement of students in a digital environment – best practices”.