Mentorship Program

In addition to training within the framework of Еarnign by Learning project mentoring support is also provided. Reaching the more marginalized communities often proves to be a serious challenge. And working with target groups, around the mentors themselves, can create better connections, reveal the needs and desires of young people, and strengthen their drive to develop.

Therefore another key component of the project are the mentors who work with the youth. In this way, they acquire more effective key skills needed to find a job. The methods that will be relied upon are learning by experience and experience, i.e. more informal means than what is emphasized in school.

The mentors help the students to visit local companies from the region in which they are located and to get to know the working environment, the specifics of the company’s activity as well as the specific requirements of the employers.

In addition to mentors local coordinators are also working on the project whose function is to assist young people with practical advice – in the preparation of job application documents, for example, and overall on the path of their professional development.