We are looking for volunteers to teach English to young people

Social Achievement Trust Foundation is looking for volunteers to teach English to economically disadvantaged youth. The course will be entirely online (via the Zoom platform) and is part of our First Steps for Professional Development project activities. The lessons will be held twice a week for 90 minutes in the interval Monday-Friday 18:00-21:00 at a time convenient for you and the young people. We will provide you with all the necessary textbooks and aids for the relevant level.

The courses start from the beginning of November and will continue until the beginning of March.

If you have a desire to support us and a few free hours a week, we will expect you to contact us by October 30, 2022. at ogeorgieva@tsa-bulgaria.org

Earning by learning project is financed by the EEA, within the framework of the Youth Employment program.