Trainings for Youth

The project provides training for young people from disadvantaged groups in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Sliven between the ages of 15 and 29 for acquiring soft skills combined with vocational training courses including English and computer training literacy. The main objective of the trainings is to increase the readiness for employment of young people. Two groups of young people can participate in the trainings:

* students enrolled in a vocational high school in the territory of any of the above cities;

* young people with completed secondary education, aged 19-29 who are motivated to work and live in any of the cities listed above;

For participation in the project, you can contact Ms. Radostina Chaprazova, as you can find contacts in the “Contacts” menu. During the project, young people will have the opportunity to take part in the following trainings:


English language course

Computer literacy course

Mentorship support

This project envisages the provision of mentoring support for the career development and career guidance of young people involved in project activities. Mentors will work with young people to acquire and improve the key skills needed to enter the labor market. In addition, mentors will provide opportunities for young people to visit local businesses, as well as to get to know the working environment in real life.

Local coordinators will also assist the project participants in finding new career opportunities. They will advise young people on the preparation of the necessary application documents for suitable positions, corresponding to their educational achievements and competences.

The project also has a network of local coordinators in Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Pazardzhik, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Sliven, Sofia, whose functions are as follows:
1. Participation in various events in order to present the project, its objectives and activities to different target groups and stakeholders.
/career fairs, career days, events in educational institutions, information days, meetings with employers, presentations in various institutions – educational or administrative, media appearances, seminars, etc./;
2. Organisation of information meetings with representatives of the target groups or other partners to present the objectives and activities of the project;
3. Establishing contacts and creating meaningful partnerships with Bulgarian and international employers;
4. Identification and profiling of project participants;
5. Supporting project participants in their learning, education and career guidance process in order to better prepare them for
labour market by:
– Search for vacancies and job placement;
– Mentoring/coaching in the workplace;
– Selection and placement training for skills acquisition and development (hard and soft); Vocational training;
– Labour market preparation trainings – assisting participants with practical advice – skills for active behaviour on the labour market, in the preparation of job application documents, in the preparation of a successful presentation to employers during recruitment and interview, and overall on the path of their professional development.

Teachers trainings

Within the framework of Earning by Learning project TSA will organize training for professional development of pedagogical specialists within the framework of Embracing Diversity training program. The trainings are aimed at vocational school teachers teaching in the three cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Sliven. Successful participants will also receive one qualification credit. The trainings will be conducted by certified trainers in the methodology of the International Step-by-Step Association.

The training program aims at raising the professional qualification of pedagogical specialists by learning and applying innovative approaches in the educational process, in order to ensure progress and increase the educational attainment of all children.

Trainings for Human Resources specialists

TCA will organize trainings for leading private companies to enhance the skills of their HR professionals to apply innovative approaches to work with disadvantaged youth, for a more diverse and inclusive work environment, and the trainings can be useful to the company in:

* Involving and motivating employees to achieve high results;

* Creating a more dynamic company culture and a positive work environment;

* Reach and retain the best talents that best reflect customer needs;

* Increasing employee productivity;

* Increasing employee productivity;

* Reaches and retains the best talents that best reflect customer needs;

* Improving access to new and diversified markets and customers;

* Increase productivity and increase revenue;

* Ensuring a better competitive advantage in the market;

* Increasing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction;

* Providing greater flexibility and adaptability in a globalized world;

In addition the trainings will help shorten the distance between employers and employees and establish an inclusive work environment.
The training will be conducted by certified trainers according to the methodology of the International Step-by-step Association.

Networking event for companies

Within the project networking events will be organized with representatives of business companies aiming to exchange strategic ideas, approaches and initiatives related to challenges such as motivating, recruiting and retaining staff, training and development of human resources, etc. Through them companies could provide more welcoming and inclusive work environment.