Autonomia Foundation

Autonómia Foundation was established in 1990 to promote civil society development. It supports civil initiatives in which people mobilize the available local resources to reach their goals. They partner with Roma and non-Roma civil organizations in their development and grant giving activities among marginalized people. The mission statement of the foundation is to support the creation of a just society whose members are free, actively and responsibly shape their fate and the fate of their communities. Besides direct development work they do training and research and as they do not have their own resources now, they facilitate the efficiency of government and European programs targeting the improvement of labor market conditions of Roma and poor. It is a priority that the lessons learnt in its 25 years’ work should be used by the widest possible public.

Autonomia is the lead partner of the program, has more than two decades of experience in the development and empowerment of disadvantaged young people. The bridging of disadvantaged candidates and quality job offers has been successfully supported for five years.

Autonomia has ensured training for more than 200 young people cooperated with more than a dozen big companies and contributed to more than 60 successful applications of the youngsters for open positions. They have been working in disadvantaged regions, towns and villages for decades, where – among other development activities – we many times ensured competence development trainings for disadvantaged youngsters. We have also experience working with schools and reflecting on the demands of educational institutions and employers, too.