Association Caritas Alba Iulia

Caritas Alba Iulia (Romania) is a non-profit charity organization of public utility with licensed social services founded in 1990 by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Alba Iulia. Today with 610 colleagues, 443 volunteers and in collaboration with 123 municipalities, Caritas provides complex social services for 25.000 people in need. The mission of Caritas Alba Iulia is to promote charity and social justice while being rooted in the Christian faith and order of values.

Caritas Alba Iulia is member of Caritas Confederation Romania, the representative forum of the Romanian dioceses’ Caritas organizations. Caritas Confederation Romania is member of Caritas Europa (Bruxelles) and Caritas Internationalis (Rome). In 2004 Caritas Alba Iulia gained the status of NGO of public utility, a distinction given to it by the government of Romania. In 2005 the services of the organization were accredited by the institutions of the state. The organization has complex projects in the field of social assistance in 5 counties from the central region of Romania.

Activities: healthcare and social assistance at home, elderly care, embracing children and youngsters, supporting people with disabilities, roma integration, training programs, volunteering, rural development, social economy.

Aims: reintegration of the poor and marginalized into society regardless of nationality, religion, race, gender or political opinion; to develop local communities by empowerment and support; to cooperate with local, regional and national authorities and organizations in order to tackle social issues; to ensure qualified and motivated professionals and volunteers; to advocate for human dignity of each person